A Surf of Birds

Red-billed Queleas

An Excerpt from my book:

On the far side of a large swath of golden grass the air shimmers, full of birds. As if by some sort of avian telepathy, Red-billed queleas rise and fall in curling waves, with wing-beats that sound like distant surf. Wave after wave washes across the clearing in front of us. It’s impossible to distinguish individual birds among the swell and tumble. Dust rises, perfumed by millions of feathers, hundreds of birds, each bird no bigger than my thumb. The flock settles into a tree. The branches of the tree droop as if suddenly laden with snow, then spring back up as the birds roll on.

12 responses

  1. wonderful. when is your book coming out? Lori from SavingWild.com

    1. Hi Lori – I’ll be looking for an agent after January 1st – this is a horrible time of year to try to get anyone’s attention. So, I’m guessing next fall at the earliest. Got any agent ideas? Thanks for the inquiry.

  2. This excerpt gave my senses a thrill!

    1. And thank you for reading.

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