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Moon moon


photograph by Cheryl Merrill
photograph by Cheryl Merrill


Day moon, night moon, moon moon. Day moon a pale button; night moon a lantern; moon moon a nursery rhyme, a fat, simple face in a blue, blue sky.

Moon so bright not even clouds can hide its face. Veiled, unveiled, moon climbing rungs on a ladder of clouds.

A punctuation point in an immense sky behind a flowing river of clouds.

An opalescent moon, rich with the memory of hot gases, bone-crushing weights, and stories of when the universe was new.

Moon stares through rippling clouds, stares with careful attention upon the earth.


Cheryl Merrill’s essays have been published in Fourth Genre, Pilgrimage, Brevity, Seems, South Loop Review, Ghoti, Alaska Quarterly Review, Adventum and Isotope. “Singing Like Yma Sumac” was selected for the Best of Brevity 2005 and Creative Nonfiction #27. It was also included in the anthology Short Takes: Model Essays for Composition, 10th Edition. Another essay, “Trunk,” was chosen for Special Mention in Pushcart 2008. She is currently working on a book about elephants: Larger than Life: Living in the Shadows of Elephants.

2 thoughts on “Moon moon

    1. Thanks, Anna. I wish I could have attended the Patron of the Arts awards, but I was volunteering at Children’s until 5:30 and wouldn’t have made it until 6. You deserve even more accolades for all the wonderful support you give to writers.

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