Our Journeys are All the Same


We tell old stories in order to see anew.  Each and every one of us takes the same journey from life to death, though our paths are never the same.

We begin as an explosion of infinite possibilities and then fall back upon ourselves, grabbing at some of those possibilities during our fall.

Our trajectory, which touched the very rim of life, descends toward the center, ending at zero, at what some see as a portal and others see as finality.

Falling, always falling towards the center of ourselves, the huge unknown universe within, our journeys are all the same.

Sunset at Doug & Sandi’s camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

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  1. This blog earned a Bean’s Pat as blog pick of the day. Check it out at http://patbean.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you Pat! So cool that you write for American Profile! We receive Spry in our local paper and I’ll be looking for your name. But not so cool in Tucson right now, I bet. Thanks again for the Pat on the back. Great idea for your blog.

  2. Beautiful words and thoughts and pictures… truth beautifully expressed, thank you

    1. Thank you for reading, Valerie!

  3. Matthew Merrill | Reply

    Spectacular spectacular!!!

    1. Glad you saw it, Matt! Hope you get a bit of a rest today!

  4. A truth exquisitely expressed. Gorgeous photo of one of Africa’s magical sunsets. Thanks, Cheryl, for the joy you give. Hugs

    1. Hugs back at you, Gill. Wish you could have been there!

  5. Worthy a National Geographic cover!
    I came across photo yesterday taken from underneath an elephant swimming—an amazing image.
    P.S. “Singing Like …” also appeared in the African-themed issue of The Hummingbird Review in 2012.
    Regards, Charlie Redner

    1. Thanks Charlie! I’ll try to set up a link to the 2012 issue! Forgot all about it!

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