Trunk Show

Morula trunk underside b&w


Funky jazzy trombone trunk.  Snaking snorkeling vacuuming trunk.  Showerhead.  Backhoe.  Slinky.  Shimmying sucking swigging trunk.  Empty pipe.  Water gun.  Periscope.  Plucking siphoning tenacious trunk.  Kazoo.  Tweezers.  Tentacle.  Affectionate handshaking pickpocket trunk.  Python.  Air hose.  Question mark.  Whistling snorting sneezing trunk.






6 responses

  1. I love the photo, very beautiful! ~ Global Jewelry

  2. Barbara tinkle | Reply

    And a traveling trunk as well…thanks Cheryl!!

  3. Gillian-René Gössling | Reply

    This is a wiping swiping swinging trunk load of joy to read. Thanks, Cheryl X

    1. You are ALWAYS welcome, my friend!

  4. You’ll like that in Sinhala a hairpin bend is an aliya vanguwa – an elephant trunk bend!

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